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“MEANING(LESS) DEVOTIONAL” is available for order on, Barnes and Noble, and other sites.

What others are saying about the MEANING(LESS) DEVOTIONAL:
“In a world that prizes fame, success, and wealth, it’s vital to stay focused on the one and only thing that can truly bring meaning — our relationship with God. Matthew takes us on a thought-provoking journey in A Meaningless Devotion that will challenge and encourage you as you pursue a life of meaning.”
 – Shawn Lovejoy, Founder and CEO of
“In today’s society we are constantly shown our differences. This world tells us to put our needs first, grab all we can of the material wealth and retreat to our corners to enjoy the spoils of our gains. It truly is a meaningless approach that pulls us away from God’s love, Grace and plan for each of us. A Meaningless Devotion is a series of biblical reminders that the passionate pursuit of God will lead to spiritual wealth. As I personally face the challenges of being in Congress, I find the Day 10 lesson a good reminder of how important it is to come together as a body of believers in our spiritual journey. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 tells us that two are better than one. It confirms that we are stronger and safer together than as an individual. In a world that pulls us away from God, we should bind together as a body of faith to guard against the illusion of satisfaction that the secular tempts us with.”
 – A. Drew Ferguson IV DMD, United States Congressman