Don’t hate the wait


Ugh…I hate waiting. Especially when I’m ready to go somewhere and I don’t have long until I HAVE to be there. This became a reality to me the other day (as it does very often) as I was waiting for a train to get out of my way. Suddenly the unthinkable happened…the train came to a complete stop! My first thought was, “Do they not know who I am?” I have places to be and meetings to attend to. I could not believe this was happening. In fact…if you look at the picture, my destination was in view point. I could literally see it right in front of me…Yet…there was a gigantic train blocking me from getting to my destination.

But maybe it wasn’t a distraction…maybe it was the Lord protecting me from something…even though I could see my destination right in front of me. A lot of times we think of waiting as a negative thing. But the Bible is filled with commands for us to wait. Maybe our waiting is Him preparing us for something extraordinary or perhaps it’s protecting us from something that we don’t see. This is a hard lesson that I’m learning but I’m quit sure it’s what the Lord wants us to do.

Psalm 40:1 says, “I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.” If he never waited for the Lord…would God have turned to him and heard his cry? Our lives are marked by chaos and busyness and in the midst of this we must to find time to wait on Him. This is difficult because I want everything now! It’s the culture we live in…a fast paced, on demand culture. But that’s not exactly how God works. Think about the laws of harvesting. Plow, Sow, Water, (WAIT)…and sometimes you may have to repeat a step or two even before you reap.

There’s a song that say’s, “You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.” Wow…

So, maybe we need to rest in our waiting. And while you wait, trust that He is ultimately working something out for your good. Embrace the waiting trains. It’s there for a reason.

I Hate Time Change


I just wanted to share my experience with everyone on this subject matter.  Nothing spiritual or anything to that nature…just a random thought…

Here’s my story in the order that it occurred:

Saturday Night:  (unknown person) “Hey guys don’t forget to set your clocks forward.”  It occurred that I had already forgotten to set my clock forward.  I would have been up the creek if I had forgotten to do this.  Anyway, I set my cell phone clock forward and turned off auto update.  Well, apparently my cell phone set itself forward anyway.  Note: This means I have lost 2 hours of sleep.

Early Sunday Morning:  7am ET well, 6am ET, my alarm goes off and I remember thinking that it was never this hard to get up after a time change.  So I ventured off on the unusual lonely interstate and uncommon dark sky.  It was pushing 7:50 am ET, (6:50) as I arrived in Auburn.  So, I stopped by Starbucks and asked for the time…and make this story even longer I saw Sasquatch sitting on the side of the Interstate.  Okay, I made that last part up…So I ended up in Auburn about an hour early.

See, I told you it was random.