I’ve been taking a break from writing on my page lately and although it isn’t ideal for someone who is trying to become a better writer, sometimes rest is necessary to make one stronger. In fact, taking a break from any type of work isn’t a bad idea – especially if you’re like me and you’re constantly going at a constant high speed. (Which was something that was instilled in me as a kid.) We’re all taught that if you want anything in life, you have to work hard at it. And that is 100% true! But so is resting. If you want anything in life, you have to learn the art of resting.

Rest isn’t just my idea, it’s also God’s idea for us. He rested after he created the universe. He commanded his people in the Old Testament to rest from their labor. But I think the reason why so many of us don’t want to rest is because we crave distractions and being busy. But being constantly busy and distracted causes us to miss the calm and peace that comes with rest.

Resting for me is when I am fully engaged in my present reality. I’m not dwelling on yesterday or tomorrow nor am I running at 110 mph – I’m engaged in my present moment. And realize that the gift of rest and our present reality is being robbed from us every time we worry about something that happened yesterday, or worry about what may happen tomorrow, or we give into the distractions of meaningless things. If you want to experience meaningful rest, then you have to learn how to be engaged in your present reality. (See James 4:13-14).

If we can’t rest in our present reality, then my fear is that we’ll miss what God is trying to do in our “right now” – because restlessness can cause us to miss God’s activity. Maybe you’re stuck in your leading capacity, or you’ve reached a glass ceiling in your creativity, or maybe you’re just stuck in a never-ending busy cycle of life – Perhaps what God wants to do for you right now is awaken you to the reality of meaningful rest.

Rest. Sit in awe of His grace. Slow down. Be aware of your present reality, because that’s where God’s movement is often found.

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