Bad News v Good News

Recently someone stole the grill from Refuge Point Church. This wasn’t just any grill – it was mounted on a 10 foot trailer and it was YUGE. I mean no big deal, we only used it to give out free food in our communities. But seriously, who steals from a church anyway? Don’t they know that God is going to swallow them up in the earth? (That’s not true – but sometimes I wished it was true). So I did what every rightful American would do and took the bad news to the world of Facebook: the central location for airing dirty laundry. And to my surprise it received 150 shares on Facebook within a day.

Real talk people – I think that I have posted some pretty awesome things that includes good news (if I don’t say so myself) – yet these posts will only get a few likes and a few shares. I’m not complaining, because I could care less. Mainly because I don’t find my validation in how many likes or shares I receive on a post. However, it just proves a point that I’ve been trying to make for several years – We LOVE bad news.

We are drawn to bad news like a fly is drawn to crap. 

I mean, who likes good news? It’s predictable and boring. Think about it – the top rated shows and movies are mostly about dark apocalyptic scenarios or juicy/steamy situations unsuitable for children. Furthermore, bad news or breaking “bad news” fuels the ratings system for news organizations. Think about the last time you were glued to the news. What was it for? It was probably for some tragic event taking place in our world.

While bad news seems to be more appealing to our minds, the truth is we’ll never appreciate the good news until we realize how bad things really are. Yet because we are bad, we crave more “bad” things. This is beginning to sound pretty depressing, but hang with me.

We need good news. And good news is good because it invades bad news. If I won the lottery that would be incredible news because I was broke…but, in the words of Chris Brown, Look at me now. Thus enters the Gospel. The Gospel is good news because it has invaded a dark space. The Gospel offensively reveals how bad we are, yet it creates something new within us.

So there’s actually good news about bad news. The bad news is that I am a terrible person, but the Gospel (the good news) reveals that darkness within me and makes me a new person with a great purpose. Maybe we should share more good news with people and celebrate. Celebrate that we were all bad, but the good news has come to make us new.



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