A Letter to Refuge Point Church

Earlier in 2016 we laid out a bold vision known as #1K2020. #1K2020 was birthed from my personal time with Jesus and later confirmed through several dreams from the Lord. These dreams included thousands of lifeless people lying on the streets waiting for someone to bring hope to them. It was as if they were paralyzed from being tortured by the darkness.

From the south side of Lagrange to West Point there are over 30,000 people and from West Point to the east Alabama area there are roughly 25,000 people. My guess is that out of the 50,000+ people, most of them are not involved in a church. These are the people that I saw in my dreams. The reason why #1K2020 is urgent for us as a church is because lost people will lose if we aren’t reaching out, welcoming in, and moving forward. This is our mission. This is our vision.

#1K2020 is not just a number; it is a vision to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel.

In 2016 we began to prepare for #1K2020 by:

  • Adding an additional service
  • Launching rCommunities
  • Creating a safer environment in our rKids space
  • Launching Gathering Night (a monthly gathering of Jr. High an High School students)
  • Created better policies and procedures to support the growth that will take place in the coming days

This year we continue to move forward in our preparations of #1K2020 by staying on mission in these ways:

  • Increasing our presence in the community by engaging them through more outreaches.
  • Creating a better structure for rGroups and implementing a training class to equip more leaders and launch more groups.
  • Focus on our spiritual growth by launching quarterly seminars that will deepen your faith as a believer.

I am so honored to be your pastor and I truly believe that God is doing an incredible work in our church and region. As we continue to dream about what God is going to do in the coming future, I know that He is not limited to just what we can dream about. Our God is capable of doing far greater things than we could ever imagine.

Let’s continue to plow, water, and plant the Gospel and together we will see #1K2020 happen.

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