A Mirage of Hope

The season of Advent is one of my personal favorites. Advent literally means waiting. I’m sure you’re wondering, “why would a season of waiting be your favorite?” Well, when you put it like that, it does sound ridiculous. But for me, I’m waiting for something more than just a quick fix or more than a mirage of hope. A mirage of hope is when we put our hope in things that give us the appearance of everlasting hope and fulfillment.  You know, things like sex, lust, drugs, alcohol, money, new cars, new clothes, food, relationships, and on and on. These things look and feel great! They even make you feel temporarily validated, but they will leave you eternally unsatisfied.

I wonder how many times we have seen a mirage of hope and place all of our vitality just to get the quick fix. Unfortunately, so many of us are waiting for the mirage of hope to give us the satisfaction of our life, but will be sorely disappointed when we realize it is just a mirage. I’ve placed my hope in the giant mirage and do you know what I found? Disappointments. Guilt. Dissatisfaction. Emptiness.

Today, and everyday, I have to make a conscience decision to place my hope in Jesus and not the mirage. Because the mirage of hope keeps painting a beautiful painting that woos my heart and mind, but it will never tell you that it is just an imposter of true hope. So I choose today to put my hope in what is not yet seen, and this will give me a joy that will last for an eternity.

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