I Need to Remind You About Something 

Do you forget easily? I do. I swear if it weren’t for my iPhone constantly reminding me about meetings, appointments, and paying bills, I’d be in bad shape. I am more of a creative thinker than a critical thinker, so my mind tends to float out into the realms of outer space and forget things. Thus, I have a need to be reminded – a lot. (I feel like I also need to express how thankful I am for my wife and my staff who are constantly reminding me of things.)

Most people don’t realize that the Bible is full of reminders – reminders about God’s covenants and promises, faithfulness, and soon coming redeemer. But in the New Testament, there is a different reminder. Spread out through the writings of Paul, Peter, James, John, and Jude, there are reminders of the Gospel. Isn’t that fascinating? These letters were written  within just a few years after Jesus ascended back in to heaven, and they are having to remind the Church about the Gospel. Why? Well, This era of time was flooded with legalism, mysticism, Gnosticism, and other heresies and because of this, the Church began to wander from the life-giving Gospel of Jesus. 

Today is no different because we run to so many things that are counter the Gospel. We run towards things like political parties, feel good-prosperity messages, drugs, alcohol, sex, and on and on I could go. But, I need to remind you about something. I need to remind you about the answer to our worlds problems. Now, the answer to our issues are obviously not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, nor is it any earthly pleasure. 

Our world is rapidly growing dark, and I need to remind you of the Gospel, because it has the power to heal and reconcile. Yet, isn’t it funny how quick we are to forget about the desperation that led us to Jesus? Isn’t it odd how we quickly forgot that we have the answer to the worlds problems? These New Testament writers felt it necessary to constantly remind the Church about the Gospel, mainly because they were so prone to wonder in to a dark cloud of worldliness. And here we are in the 21st century – no different than the believers in the 1st century. 
This will not be a popular blog post because we view the Gospel as old news. The only news that gets people’s attention is bad or breaking news and I think that’s why we forget about the Gospel so easily. But, I need to remind you about the Gospel. 

Here’s why I need to remind you about the Gospel:

1) The Gospel is the only thing that brings racial reconciliation. 

2) The Gospel is the only thing that introduces people to the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

3) The power of the Gospel raises people from death to life. 

4) The Gospel brings healing and restores marriages and families. 

I need to remind you about the Gospel of Jesus – that Jesus died and absorbed the wrath of God that I deserved, that Jesus bore my shame on the cross, and that Jesus was raised from the dead. This news restores all of the brokeness and problems of the world and makes all things new. 

In light of all of the dark bad and breaking news, how quick are you to forget that you have the answer to the worlds problems? 

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