Day 66 – Don’t Miss The Ending

As we approach the end of our study of Ecclesiastes, I hope you haven’t mentally checked out before the end. Most of the time we lose interest when we are reading a story not realizing that we’ll miss the most important part – the end. Think about if you read the Bible and never read Revelation, then you’d miss the parts about dragons being thrown in lakes of fire, Jesus coming down with a tattoo, a new heaven and new earth, etc. Seriously, think about if you watched an M. Night Shyamalan film without watching the end or watching the Fight Club without watching the end. You would miss the most important part! And if you skip the end of Ecclesiastes, then you will miss the whole point of the book.

Up until now, we’ve had to deal with grumpy old Solomon, but now he is happy Solomon and is going to end on a good note. Solomon has been telling us how our life is meaningless, how wisdom and folly are meaningless, how wealth is meaningless, and how death is sure to come for you. Who wants this guy at their dinner table? Not me. But now, in a sudden plot twist, Solomon finds that with God at the center of our life everything becomes meaningful. Life does not have to be monotonous, but filled with challenging situations from God. Wealth could actually be enjoyed, if is stewarded for God. If you follow God’s wisdom, then you will be less inclined to do dumb things. And the certainty of death should make us enjoy life now and make the most of it for God.

For 10 chapters this book has been built with tension surrounding the meaninglessness of life, but thank God he didn’t leave us to deal with the despairs of life alone. We have a loving God who wants to bring us out of meaninglessness of life and into a life filled with meaning and purpose.

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