Day 65 – Anger (Killers of Wisdom Pt. 4)

Ecclesiastes 7:9 Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the heart of fools.

The final killer of wisdom we are going to talk about is Anger. Anger will destroy you and plant seeds of calamity in your life. Before we discuss the anger that leads to folly, there is a good kind of anger that should enrage all Christians – things like poverty, sickness, injustices, orphans, and refugees. This is a righteous anger that should lead us to action. And contrary to what most “evangelical Christians” believe, it is very wise to be angry about the things that grieve the heart of God.

It is not a “pansy liberal social justice gospel”. It is the anger that Jesus had when those on the fringes of society were wrongly treated. So, we should be angry that 400,000 orphans are in the USA, or 2.5 million Syrian refugee children have been displaced from their homes, and we should be enraged about the millions of aborted babies.

The anger I’m talking about causes us to do stupid stuff that only leads us to a road of destruction. Have you ever been angry at someone? I’ve been so angry before that I thought fire was going to come out of my mouth. I have found that when we let unrighteous anger fester in our hearts towards another person, we become experts in said persons weakness and become blind to their strengths. We begin to say things like, “You always do this” and “You never do that.”

What we have done is taken our strengths, laid them against their weaknesses, and have made a case for our anger. That’s why we say and do things in our anger that we later regret. I can’t say this enough about wisdom and folly, but I have never heard anyone say something out of anger that later thought was the wise thing to do. 

I’ll leave you with these three simple truths about anger: 1) Revenge is not for you to handle 2) you have been forgiven by God – so you should forgive those who have made you angry and 3) you are ambassadors of reconciliation. It is not God’s design for you to walk in anger, but to walk in forgiveness and peace. 

Anger does a man more hurt than that which made him angry.” – Charles H. Spurgeon.

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