Day 40 of the Meaning(less) Reading Plan


Ecclesiastes 6 

This chapter has been largely focused on areas of our lives that we find discontentment. Solomon has shared that most of us are discontent with our possessions, wealth, work, and the unknown. But how do we reconcile from living in a world that is teaching us to live a life of discontentment? Furthermore, how do we live a life that can thoroughly enjoy all of the gifts God has given us?

The first thing we can do is live in our present reality. The ability to live in the now comes from within, yet it is a hard thing to do with all of the worlds distractions. Learning to lean in to our present reality with the ability to see God move is a sure way to find contentment. Yet so many of us are so focused on the future that we miss out on what God is doing now. God is moving in our families, our situations, our community, and our church, but most of us will miss it because we are so focused on what’s happening tomorrow or next week.

The second thing we can do is look to Jesus and allow him to be in complete control. It is through him that we will find our contentment. The discontentment of our heart reveals that we aren’t allowing Jesus to be in complete control. When we look to Jesus we will see that we are free from the burdens of this world. We now have the ability to see that we are forgiven, we are counted as righteous, and he gives us peace, purpose, significance, and the opportunity to enjoy life. We no longer live life under the sun because the Gospel has catapulted us beyond the sun.

How can you silence the distractions around you in order for you to live in your present reality?

Have you fully surrendered your life to Jesus?

“It is not so much what I have as what I shall have that makes me joyful.” Charles H. Spurgeon

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