Day 24 of the Meaning(Less) Devotion

MeaningLess FINAL

I have been teaching a series on Ecclesiastes at Refuge Point Church and writing daily devotions for our tribe that are uploaded in our Refuge Point Church App, but starting today I am officially back at writing and hope these devotionals will give some encouragement to your day. I’ll be back tomorrow with day twenty-five of our Meaning(less) Reading Plan. Stay tuned for more writings from yours truly and other guests writers.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Living in Gospel centered community is a refrain in the Bible that so few take seriously. Yet the quicker we realize we need each other, the better off we will be in our spiritual journey. When Solomon mentions that “two are better than one” and “a threefold cord is not quickly broken”, he is giving us more reasons for us to belong to a tribe of believers.

Solomon points out that when we are involved in a tribe of believers we can have better productivity, better results, and greater security. When one traveled, falling into a pit could mean death if a friend was not there to lift you out. In ancient Israel, sleeping alone could not keep travelers warm or safe, which is why those on a journey would often lay with their backs together at night. Thieves were also common threat in this particular time as people journeyed from one place to another. But those who traveled together could offer a defense to resist a thief. What an amazing picture that Solomon paints for us of why we need Gospel centered community.

Think about the productivity, results, and security we could have if we all locked arms together and did serious life with each other.

So my question is why do so few of us participate in deep meaningful, Gospel-centered relationships? Why do most of us go to church rather than belonging to a church?

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