What Really Matters?


The other day my son ripped a hole in his pants (which has happened to every pair he owns) and of course he noticed I was upset. But this time was different…I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew he disappointed me. So, instead of making him feel bad and explaining to him I was going to make him wear shorts in 20 degree weather, I asked him, “what really matters” and his response was, “God and People”.

This is a core value we have in our house. When our kids are getting frustrated over little things…we always ask…what really matters? But this time, it was me that needed to be reminded on what really matters. Yes, we believe in being good stewards of what we have, but in the end…we want our children to know that there are only two things that really matter. God and people.

How many times have we allowed situations to rule our lives that, honestly, don’t even matter. Maybe it’s not being overly concerned with ripped jeans for you. Maybe the issue is holding on to past regrets. Maybe it’s being too concerned with your social status. Maybe it’s having a high regard for trinkets and toys? Whatever it is for you, does it really matter? Not to belittle your situation, because maybe it does matter…but has it taken priority over the two things that matter most in life?

If we are about God and people, then this should radically change the way we live our lives. Things wouldn’t be all about us. Rather, they would be about…you guessed it, God and People. We would live our lives for God and we would show compassion to the people around us.

Maybe you need to be reminded on the things that matters most in life. God & People.

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