Perfect People Have One Thing In Common


“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation (Psalm 42:5 ESV)”

Notice that he’s not allowing his current circumstances to direct his emotions…rather, he’s driving his heart to God and allowing the word of God to direct himself. He’s preaching to himself.

And I love where he tells his heart to put it’s hope in. God.

Too many of us have put our hope in men, only to find out that they will fail us in the end. In fact, some of you have put an unfair expectation on a person that in the end will leave you frustrated and hurt because they didn’t meet your expectation. Suddenly, when they don’t meet your expectation, you get angry and only point out the wrongs in that person instead of seeing all the good they have to offer.

Don’t elevate people places they have no business being. Why? Because people make crappy gods.

Rather, put your trust and hope in God. He will not fail. He will not disappoint.

This brings me a lot of hope because I know I’m going to disappoint you. It’s not because I’m trying to disappoint you…it just means that I’m not perfect. It also potentially means that you have set a standard of perfection on me that you have no business setting. I’ve never claimed to be perfect…and I never will be. In fact, perfect people have one thing in common with other perfect people: They don’t exist

Jesus was the only man to live a perfect life. Now…YES we should strive to be like him…but understand that you’ll never be him. He is God…you’ll never be a god. In the end…you are a human and you will disappoint others and you will disappoint yourself.

Suggestions for those who struggle with this? Swim in God’s grace and allow it to cover your imperfections. And may you be a person of grace that will constantly point out the good in other people and not their imperfections.


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