Church Gut Check


I like how the apostles in the Bible would begin their letters by saying, “To the church of Galatia, or to the church of Rome, or Corinth, etc…” And then follow their greeting(s) with the word of God that is just as applicable today as it was some 2,000 years ago. We are blessed to have great leaders and elders at Refuge Point and this past Sunday one of the Elders, Judson Price, preached a sermon to our church that kind of felt like that…a letter (sermon) that was not just for Refuge Point, but for every church today and every church in the future. You can listen to it on iTunes or our website. At the end he shared some very practical stuff that was very challenging for me and I think can be very helpful to every church.

1. Nobody should ever leave an encounter with us as a congregation or as individuals without knowing that they are deeply loved by God, and because of this – they are deeply loved by us.
2. We should never think we have it figured out. There is never to be a time that we move without checking to see that we are being led by the Holy Spirit.
3. Our identity cannot be based in the present. Not being like other churches is not a legitimate identity, and chasing after that will only result in us making brand new versions of classic mistakes. Our identity can only be determined by the Spirit.

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