Great News


I want to share some of the most freeing and greatest news that I’ve ever heard. In fact it’s so good you may start running around the building. This news is better than you receiving $1 million. Ready?

Be Who You Are.

Selah and think about how freeing that is. I mean…seriously. That means you don’t have to live up to the false expectations that our culture throws at you nor do you have to live up to any other person’s expectations of you. Why? Because God has uniquely wired you to be no body else but you. Furthermore, the best version of me for God to work through is for me to be myself.

On the contrary, one of the biggest sins for Christians to fall in to is hypocrisy. The word hypocrite originates from when actors would wear large masks to portray the roles they were playing. They would pretend to be someone they are not. What they say and do does not represent what they themselves feel or believe but only the image they hope to create. People aren’t after some fake version of you…rather, what people are really after is authenticity. Not relevance or hypocrisy.

Speaking of relevance….I often get asked why we (Refuge Point and myself) try to be relevant. The answer is simple…we’re not trying to be anything. I don’t preach in tapered jeans (there not skinny jeans people) because I think it’s cool or wear v-neck t-shirts and cardigans because I’m trying to be relevant…I wear it because that is who I truly am. I wore that before it even came in style baby ;). We don’t have a church that doesn’t “look” like a church because we think it’s the “in thing” to do. No…it’s because we understand that a building does not define The Church…but WE (people) are the church.

And that’s the best thing I can do for my church and community…is to be who God has uniquely wired me to be. I don’t have to live to another person’s expectation or try to be a future version of me. And honestly God loves who we are NOW! Not some other proto-type of me…He loves you and me now. Not some masked version of me. So be the person that God has uniquely wired you to be and stop looking like a masked moron.

Maybe right now you need to do something you’ve been needing to do for a long time. QUIT! Quit being something you’re not and allow God to unmask the pretentious life you’re living and be who He has uniquely wired you to be. He’ll grow you and mold you into His image after that.

May our churches not be marked by our relevance, traditions, or hypocricy…but marked by the presence of God.


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