Your Official Un-Invitation

Sunday there was an un-invitation for the people at Refuge Point Church. I know that sounds odd for a nearly 3 year old church, so let me explain.

I told the owners (members) of Refuge Point Church that if there desire is NOT to see the lost saved then I needed them to give up there seat. And if all we do as members of the church is continue to reject holiness and “being conformed to his likeness”…if all we do is continue to come to church to make us “feel good” about ourselves…if all we do is come to church and suck the life out of everyone and continue to reject spiritual growth… Then there are plenty of social clubs that we can to join. Refuge Point Church is not one of those and I’ll need your seat.

Why? Because there are far too many people who are lost and going to hell. When eternity is in the balance we don’t have time to play “church” games and they need your seat.

We’ll need your seat because I see a church that is overflowing with people who have a “deep desire” (Romans 10:1) to see the lost saved and are passionately proclaiming Jesus in their jobs, schools, homes, etc… I see a church that is overflowing with people who are lost but will find hope and the Love of Jesus…no matter their color or social economic background. I see a church that is a hospital and refuge for sinners, and the broken and hurt. I see a church where spiritual growth is happening and disciples are being made. I see a church that is exploding with the power of the Holy Spirit and lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus.

Show me a church that was exploding in Acts and I’ll point to you a people who were ferociously and passionately proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus.

May the church repent of her indifference and become a church of passion and boldness.

Check out our latest sermon in our Romans Series. Particularly towards the end to explain our madness! errr…Passion!

Deep Desire Sermon Audio

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