Gossip leaves the largest trail of destruction wherever and however it goes. It crushes trust, character and…well, most things in its path. The Bible even summarizes gossip as “every kind of wickedness”…(see Romans 1:29). Gossip might include true information, and I guess that’s why we don’t feel guilty when we do it. Gossip spreads what can include true information to diminish another person; ruining their character and reputation.

We Christians will even put it in the form of a prayer request. “Did you hear what happened to Susan? No? Well…let me tell you then…” And then ends with, “we’ll just ‘pray’ for them.” There are even some who will record conversations without the other person’s knowledge and/or consent. And in the event that a “concerned” Christian asks how the conversation went, they will share the misrepresented recording with a guiltless conscience.

Well, the doctors orders are in and it sounds like you may have a case of gossipitis…A deadly disease threatening the lives of many.  Gossip is only a tool to make you feel more spiritual than what you really are and shows your level of concern (or rather the lack thereof) for your own walk with Christ. We simply fill the void of our conversations with information about other people rather than dealing with our own issues and sins.

Here’s my question that I need help with:
How do you generally respond when you hear really good juicy gossip about another person?

Can I submit something that may be earth shattering to you? What if you did the unimaginable? What if you actually spoke up for the person being gossiped about? What if you said, excuse me, Mr/Mrs. Hater? SHUT UP!!! Or maybe, if you’re more spiritual than me, you should say something like: “Maybe we shouldn’t go there, they aren’t here to defend themselves. Let’s go directly to that person if you have an issue with them.”

Hear me, I don’t think we are called to police the actions of other people and go looking for a devil behind every bush. However, I do think if you find yourself in a “gossip-session” situation you should defend the other person and tell the person to stop drinking so much …. wait for it…. hateraid. Shut the haters down and move on.

So, how do you typically deal with gossip? Have you been in an awkward situation where someone was trying to bring you in to a “gossiping” session? How did you respond?

Peace and Love (and sometimes love hurts),

For further study here are a few (of many) Bible verses to look at that deals with gossip and slander:

Proverbs 20:19, Galatians 5:13:26, James 4:11-12

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