Often times I think vision for some people is like walking in to a Jr. High band room. If you’ve ever been in a Jr. High band room, when there is free time, you’ll notice that everyone is playing their own instrument and their own song, and it sounds like mad chaos. In fact, it may make one want to drive their head through a wall.

But what happens when the band director stands up? Everyone stops. When the band director raises his or her baton the band starts playing n sync (like that play on words?) and music is being orchestrated. Everyone knows their role, or what note to play, because they have been provided sheet music and by watching the band director wonderful sounds enter the atmosphere.

How critical is it for any orchestra or band at any level to be in in synch with one another? Just as critical as it is for any church or organization to be in unity. As a pastor I must make sure everyone at our church knows and understands the vision of Refuge. What good would we be if we are all out of synch and/or not in unity? If we as leaders of our church don’t give a beautiful melody for our churches to sing along too, then all we will be is a noisy clanging cymbal. In fact, in the end, all that will do is distract people from coming in our doors.

What would happen in our churches if there was clear vision and everyone played n sync with one another? Obviously I don’t think people would be going “bye bye bye” as much. (Google that if you don’t get it).

The reality is that our community loses when our churches are out of synch with the vision God has given them.

Our song is too great to not be heard.

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