Leaving So Soon?

If you had one word to describe 2012 what would it be? For me it would be INCONCEIVABLE! (In my Vizzini voice). Honestly, I felt an incredible shift at the beginning of the year and I knew once certain things took place in my life that God had me right where he wanted me. But isn’t that hard to comprehend sometimes? I am reminded of the story found in Luke when the Angel of The Lord appeared to a teenage girl named Mary.

Have you ever thought about how ridiculously insane this story is? Okay, here is a young teenager who found herself pregnant but who was also a virgin? (Today she would be on the front page of The Onion News (don’t Google that, by the way)). She asked a crucial question to God, “How can this be since I don’t know a man?” (And by “know a man” she meant she had never done the baw chicka bow wow deed (again, don’t Google that phrase)), and what has captivated my heart is what happened right after this. The word of The Lord said to her, “For with God, nothing is impossible.”

This past year I had a lot of those, “HOW CAN THIS BE”, or “HOW ARE WE GOING TO FIND ANOTHER BUILDING FOR OUR CHURCH” or “HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT”! I want to propose to you today that God might be saying the same thing to His church. I believe he would say “For with God, nothing is impossible.” It may look bleak, and you might be at the end of your rope, but when God is in your equation, nothing is impossible! Or let me say it like this, when God is at the center of our lives…FOR WITH GOD, nothing is impossible. How have we gotten to this point? Because FOR WITH GOD!!!

Is God truly at the center of your life? My former pastor used to say, “He is either Lord of ALL or NOT at all.”

This is how I’d rap up 2012. God has been extremely good to us, (DON’T BELIEVE ME? READ THIS) and it’s nothing that I have done, but I would suggest that it’s simply because we have kept him at the center of our lives. Did I have a lot of questions? Yes. Were there moments of doubt? Yes. But hear the word of The Lord to His church today, “FOR WITH GOD, nothing is impossible.” He has truly been faithful to me and my Refuge Point Church family.

Peace and Love

Pastor Matthew

P.S. hope you enjoy my new site design. Check back weekly for new posts…(and I’m excited about some of the things I’ll be writing about on here.)

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