There’s Always Time

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.  Things around here have been CRAZY!  Starting a church, preparing for our second child…moving…and on and on…  Seems I have not prioritized enough time to blog…but here goes my attempt at it again.

The past two weeks at Refuge Point Church have been amazing.  We launched one week prior to Easter and God has really moved in both services.  If you haven’t checked us out, you need to…you’re missing out!

This is a very busy time for me and I find myself always searching for more time…more time with my Bible…more time in prayer…more time with the family…etc.  So this week I’ve been pondering the thought of time.  You think you know what time is?  Okay, try defining it without using any terms that rely on time.  Time is… well, it’s time.  It’s what keeps every event from happening simultaneously, and it’s what distinguishes something that happened in the past from something that will happen in the future.  Is it a dimension, like space? Is it a quality of matter?  Is it merely an illusion, possibly created to boost sales of digital watches?  The smartest guys in the world get headaches from this one.

I may not be able to define time…but I know that God is outside of time.  He must be.  The bible says that there is none greater than Him.  If God were limited by time, then there would be something greater than Him; in this case, time would be God. But I’m glad that there are no limits with God…time doesn’t hold Him…He holds time!  What an amazing God!

That’s a God who I can find time for.  Don’t get so busy that we forget about the one who is outside of time…

Peace and Love


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