He Blessed it, Broke it, and Gave it

Easter is an incredible time of year for the Christian Faith.  It is a time where we remember that Christ died for us, Christ has risen for us, and Christ is coming again for us.  I pray that many will encounter Him on this Easter Sunday and become a disciple of Christ.

I was reading about the Last Supper this week from Luke 22 and was reminded of something I heard about a year ago and I wanted to pass along with you.  Luke 22:19 says he took the bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given to you…”

I am reminded of Joseph when God blessed him and gave him dreams and promises, but then Joseph went through a broken stage in life.  Joseph actually went through 13 years of brokenness…(loneliness, prison, etc…)  but God took Joseph in all of his broken pieces and gave him everything he needed.  God truly fulfilled his promise that Joseph would become a ruler of many…God blessed him, broke him, and gave it to him.

I am also reminded of Job…Job was blessed beyond measure, but then Job became broken…in fact he went through such a rough time that his wife told him to curse God.  Just when it seemed like Job was going to die, God restored everything that was taken away from him.  God Blessed him, Broke him, and Gave it back.

Remember when God blessed Jesus?  I think about when Jesus went to be baptized the voice of God came from the heavens saying, “This is my beloved son, in whom I’m well pleased.”  He was blessed.  But then God broke Him… He was wounded, broken, bruised for all of humanity… God broke Jesus for you and me….and then God gave His only son so we could live forever with Him.  God Blessed Him, God Broke Him, and God Gave Him.

We are all blessed people, but how many of us have been broken?  We all go through broken times in our lives, but we have to remember that God Broke His only son for us…God gave His son to us so we could not only have eternal life, but so we could give it back to someone else.

So…Jesus took the bread and He blessed it, He broke it, and He gave it.  Jesus knew He was the blessed hope, He knew that He (the bread of life) was about to be broken, and he knew that He was going to give it.

Will you give Him to someone on this Resurrection day?



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