Closet Cleaner

There are many reasons why I haven’t blogged:

1. Listening more to God.
3. Catch up on some reading.
4. We sold our house and moved.

While we were in the process of moving I was in awe of how much stuff we had in our closets.  We went from a big house to an average size apartment, so you can imagine how much stuff we either had to put in storage or in the garbage.  While I was cleaning out my closets the thought came to me about how many times I need to keep my inner closets clean.  You know…our mind, body, and spirit.  So many times I allow junk to creep in my life and before I know it I’m full of trash and cobwebs.

That’s exactly how those closets looked in my house.  There were things that I wanted to hold on to that had no value to me anymore.  I could never let go of them…but then I realized that in order to go to my new house I had to throw the junk in the garbage.

I think this is why the Bible tells us that we need to put to death all desires of the flesh in order for us to live according to his will.  When we clean our closets and die to the flesh we can allow God to fill our closets with His spirit and His blessings.

What are some things you need to get rid of in your closets?  (And if you still think I’m talking about the closets in your house, you need to catch up.)

Much Love-

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