I Hate Time Change


I just wanted to share my experience with everyone on this subject matter.  Nothing spiritual or anything to that nature…just a random thought…

Here’s my story in the order that it occurred:

Saturday Night:  (unknown person) “Hey guys don’t forget to set your clocks forward.”  It occurred that I had already forgotten to set my clock forward.  I would have been up the creek if I had forgotten to do this.  Anyway, I set my cell phone clock forward and turned off auto update.  Well, apparently my cell phone set itself forward anyway.  Note: This means I have lost 2 hours of sleep.

Early Sunday Morning:  7am ET well, 6am ET, my alarm goes off and I remember thinking that it was never this hard to get up after a time change.  So I ventured off on the unusual lonely interstate and uncommon dark sky.  It was pushing 7:50 am ET, (6:50) as I arrived in Auburn.  So, I stopped by Starbucks and asked for the time…and make this story even longer I saw Sasquatch sitting on the side of the Interstate.  Okay, I made that last part up…So I ended up in Auburn about an hour early.

See, I told you it was random.

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