5 Things You Should Never Say

1.  I give up

We’ve all said this…but I’m glad Christ didn’t give up on the cross.  The phrase ‘I give up’ is an excuse to being lazy.

2.  Failure is not an option

Are you perfect?…if so, then I need to talk to you!  For the rest of us unrighteous people I think it’s a good thing to fail every-now-and-then.  It’s kind of like the old beating the dead horse saying…you know??? and if the horse is dead stop trying to ride it. Don’t spend your time, attention, and resources trying to keep something alive that needs to be buried.

3.  It’s not that bad

I say this at least 20 times a day.  If it’s not that bad, then it’s probably bad.  In fact, it probably sucks!

4.  It’s not my responsibility

If there’s a need, then get off your lazy butt and help.  When there’s work to do, don’t sit there and say, ‘It’s not my job to…’  Teams win…‘I’s’ don’t.

5.  I will never…

I said this about the ministry, but sometimes our plans are not what His plans are.

What have you said ‘I will never’ about and ended up doing?

One thought on “5 Things You Should Never Say

  1. things about which I have said, “I will never …”
    … settle down and be domesticated.” I have 3 kids, home school, grow vegetables, make tofu, etc.
    … try to teach school.” See above, and note 3 years teaching in private school.
    … go into the ministry.” Yeah, that one.

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